About The Congress


About the 1st Global Congress on Safe Food & NonCommunicable Diseases

The 1st Global Congress on Safe Food & NonCommunicable Diseases will be an annual Congress that represents the largest gathering of public and private-sector stakeholders in health and agricultural sector. The forum is convened by World Food Preservation Center (WFPC) in partnership with Organic Consumer Alliance (OCA), Noncommunicable Diseases Alliance of Kenya (NCDAK) and Ministry of Health Kenya. The congress is designed to drive transformational change on Safe Food & Non-communicable Diseases in Africa and globally by:

  • Reviving efforts by governments and others to ensure achievement of global commitments to enhance food safety and reduce death from NCDs
  • Discussing the linkages between unsafe food and NCDs
  • Forming new formal and informal alliances that address the impact of food contaminants on NCDs and human and animal health in Africa and Globally.
  • Highlighting existing initiatives that are reducing the impact on food contamination on NCDs in Africa and Globally.
  • Using the scientific evidence arising from the Congress Proceedings, to lobby and inform policy, at all levels of governments, towards the achievement of food and nutrition security.